Cavu Coporate Finance

Deep understanding of the private equity market

Experts in strategic positioning and selling to large corporate buyers

Local Advice, International Reach

Maximising Shareholder Value


Cavu CF provides high quality and tailored client-focused solutions across a range of corporate finance transactions. Advice is delivered with independence, objectivity and integrity in mind.

Exit Planning and Strategy

Where no transaction is imminent we can work with the Board of Directors to develop strategies for long term growth and to help create shareholder value. In this capacity we are uniquely placed to advise if and when transactions do occur. We can bring a wealth of financial and commercial experience to the Board and ensure that our clients are prepared for any deal situations that may arise.

Cavu CF offers professional strategic advice to retained clients. We help our clients define and then move towards their desired objective, whether that is preparing the company for sale, raising development capital for expansion or identifying an acquisition to ensure that the company fulfils its growth potential.

Typically clients will involve us early in their business planning to ensure that strategies are set which facilitate the ultimate goals of shareholders and maximise long term value.

We help clients develop strategies which lay the foundations for future success. This could be exit planning which allows owners to position their business attractively for future sale, or advice on management structure, systems and business model designed to make the business attractive to investors.

Our style is to work with clients over the long term, helping them to develop a strategy and supporting them through its execution.