Cavu Coporate Finance

Deep understanding of the private equity market

Experts in strategic positioning and selling to large corporate buyers

Local Advice, International Reach

Maximising Shareholder Value


Cavu CF provides high quality and tailored client-focused solutions across a range of corporate finance transactions. Advice is delivered with independence, objectivity and integrity in mind.

M&A Support


  • The team provides independent valuation advice and opinions
  • These can support executives and boards to make decisions about transactions and capital investments, and can also help companies to meet regulator or investor demands. Valuations also support audits and purchase price allocation advice, and in dispute resolution including expert determination

Business Modelling

  • The team provides expert help to clients in designing bespoke planning and decision support tools
  • These distil complex business situations into useful financial models that can provide deep insights and better enable clients to make decisions

Carve Outs and Separation

  • The team supports clients in separating two or more organisations before and during the completion of a transaction
  • They help clients to understand the capabilities and robustness of standalone operations and to understand the standalone companies financial and operating bases
  • The team supports clients in implementing separation strategy